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NY vacations in a jazz style

Jingle bells, jingle bells, dashing through the snow… Not only jungle bells, but a signal in your calendar may bell for the best jazz events during Xmas and NY vacations in Moscow.

Sergey Zhilin’s Phonograph Jazz Band, known in the first place for their varied accompaniment of Show Voice on Channel One, have prepared a row of three consecutive concerts on Dec 30 and 31, Jan 13. On Dec 30 famous Xmas melodies, piano and orchestra compositions will be presented in a small hall of Chaikovsky Moscow Conservatory (for those lazy to check in the internet it is in 13 Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street), on Dec 31 in Vegas City Hall (metro Myakinino) and on Jan 13 back in Chaikovsky Moscow Conservatory (in a big hall).

If you have seen Sergey Zhilin Band in Show Voice only, your ideas about their funky and jazzy abilities may be scarce. They can do much more. Mr Zhilin does not conceal the fact that for paying his various bills, from salaries to musicians to utilities in his office, he should be involved into pop music and show business of caliber one. But deep in his heart he is still a great jazz pianist and conductor.

Tickets to Vegas City Hall are from RUR1500 to RUR9000 available.

To Chaikovsky Moscow Conservatory the tickets are from RUR1500 to RUR3000 on Dec 30 and from RUR700 to RUR4000 on Jan 13.

In Soyuz Kompozitorov Jazz Club (Bldg.2 8/10 Bryusov Pereulok at metro Okhotny Ryad) you can celebrate the upcoming and passed New Year almost every day on Dec 30 and from Jan 1 to 8 without any mere stupid hesitation. They have invited Sofi Okran, Jazz Sisters, Cigar Hall, Levan Lomidze and some others.

Mulatto Sofi Okran is aggressively beautiful, and not only. She has one of the best voices in the Russian jazz, not speaking about her impressive experience. She is impeccable mostly in funk and soul, sings both in English and Russian.

Jazz Sisters are four instrumental and vocal ladies, playing and singing some kiddish but nice compositions in jazz, jazz-rock and smooth jazz. Obviously, females can hardly be successful in smooth jazz, the idea sounds absurd, this is the job for tough guys, but why not to allow the girls to entertain public and share illusions about themselves.

Cigar Hall are mature, saloon jazz like and not bad, bluesman Levan Lomidze is beyond any criticism.

Tickets at are from RUR500 to RUR3600 for the entry.

Pianist Denis Mazhukov celebrates his birthday on Jan 2 onstage in Akademichesky Jazz Club (1 Donskaya Street metro Oktyabrskaya Koltsevaya). It’s normal for the musicians to work on their birthdays instead of staying at home and inviting guests. So, for the amount of RUR3500 for entry you can congratulate the eccentric pianist with his coming to this world 45 years ago and save him from washing dishes after guests had left birthday boy’s residence as all normal people usually do. Restaurant bill in Akademichesky here academjazzclub.ru/?id_razd=172.

Igor Butman is by long time tradition puts on his Santa Claus red hat closer to Xmas and NY. As any great artist and a fantastic guy Igor is quite emotional. It is not recommended for human beings to see him in his low spirits. But hopefully on Dec 31 in him-named Igor Butman Club (21 Verkhnyaya Radishchevskaya Street metro Taganskaya Koltsevaya) he will be in high spirits and you will be smashed with thunders of his brilliant humor, energy and professional playing.

His orchestra is superb in mainstream jazz, and their bandleader is sometimes as if a hooligan plays «V Lesu Rodilas Yelochka» in jazz arrangements. Entry tickets left are RUR12000.

That is what Igor Butman Orchestra plan to do on Dec 31 at 10pm. 4 hours earlier, at 6pm they are at Crocus City Hall (metro Myakinino) with the same program of mainstream jazz and famous Xmas melodies and in the same Santa Claus hats. Tickets are from RUR1500 to RUR10000.

While obtaining tickets to Igor Butman may be tricky, try to comfort your soul passionate for jazz by seeing young and promising jazzmen from Music Brass Orchestra on Dec 31 in Moscow International House of Music (Bldg.8 52 Kosmodamianskaya Naberezhnaya metro Paveletskaya). They have occupied The Chamber Hall with two concerts at 2pm and 6pm, and really hope that many people would be interested in listening to their program even if they are quite young and unknown to public. Tickets are from RUR1000 to RUR3000.

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