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Jazz Day in St.Petersburg

Дарья Белецкая

The details of the Internatonal Jazz Day in St.Petersburg between April 28 and 30, 2018, were discovered soon afer Igor Butman and Vladimir Medinsky’s press conference held on April 2 at
Informaton Agency TASS.

The educatonal part is more than impressive. tou can listen to masterclasses of the Russian jazz star Eugene Lebedev, German trumpeter Til Bronner, Dianne Reeves and Marcus Miller. Full list of masterclasses and discussions here http://jazzdayrussia.com/educatonprogram/

The Gala Concert on April 30, as expected, will take place in Mariinsky-2. The list of Internatonal jazz stars partcipatng makes any jazz fan overexcited http://jazzdayrussia.com/concertru/

The next very logical queston. ow do I get a/the tckettss) o way! There are no tckets, literally, but available are free invitatons to all the events of the Internatonal Jazz Day in St.Pete afer the procedure of registraton completed before April 25 ow nice, how noble, how incredibly up-to-date, may you think. Don’t exaggerate! Before making any conclusions, frst check an ofcial questonnaire placed on http://reg.jazzdayrussia.com/register/partcipant/. The procedure of registraton is even more complicated than applying for Britsh visa.

Imagine, you agree to have your personal informaton processed by the organizer of IBMG tIgor Butman Music Groups. Know how to write your name in Russian and English, provide your company name and positon, series and number of your Russian passport, place of registraton, including zip code and number of apartment. This is stll not enough! The other two points in the questonnaire may easily turn you down. First, write a short story of yourself, explaining your passion to jazz and reason for you to be present at the Gala Concert. Important, we agree. Second, send your photo. The technical requirements to the photo include fve bullets, regulatng the percentages, pixels, sizes and positoning of your face in the picture. Wow!

Looks difcult, but flling in questonnaire is worth doing for the pleasure of seeing onstage Branford
Marsalis and erbie ancock in Mariinsky-2.